How to Install Hoverwatch for Android

1. Prepare your target phone:

To prevent Android from asking questions about the activity of the monitoring program:

Open “Play Store” application -> tap Menu -> select “Play Protect” -> tap Settings icon.
Disable “Scan device for security threats” and “Improve harmful app detections“.

2. Download the App

Open your browser. Turn on “Secret mode“, if you want. Type Enter your email and password (create Hoverwatch account) and click “SIGN UP FREE“.

Select Android and click download link. 

Tap “Download“.

Tap “Open file“.

If you can not find the “Add Device” page, click “Menu” button, then click “Add Device“.

3. Install the app

Tap “Settings” and allow to install the app.

Tap “Back“. Tap Install.

If Open button is not active follow the instruction.

Select installation option and tap OK.

Depending on your choice you can choose to hide Hoverwatch icon.

Accept the legal terms.     Tap “All logs” option and OK button.    

Enter your Hoverwatch account login and password. Tap Activate.

Activate all app permissions:

Tap “YES” and tap “Allow” activate all permissions.

Disable Battery optimization:

Tap “Yes” button. Tap “Allow” button.

Activate “Appear on top” permission:

Tap “Yes” button, enable “Allow permission“. Tap “Back” button.

Allow app to capture screen:

Tap “YES“.

Enable “Don`t show again” item. Tap “Start now” button.

Activate “Usage access“:

Tap “Yes“, find and tap “Sync Service“, activate “Allow usage tracking“.

Tap “back” button twice and return to Hoverwatch app.

Disable app notifications:

Tap “Yes” button. Disable “Show notifications”.

Tap “back” button and return to Hoverwatch app.

Activate Device admin:

Tap “Yes” button, in new message tap “Activate” button.

4. Check additional settings

  • for Huawei/Honor devices: Honor power usage details
  • for Samsung devices: Samsung power usage details
  • for Xiaomi phones: Xiaomi, Android 9.x

If your phone has not been rooted, you’re all set.

If your phone has been rooted, during the installation the program will ask you a couple more questions.

When asked whether to restart, answer “Yes”.

At “Root Permission Request” be sure to check the box “Don’t ask again”, then click “Authorize”.

Please, check if your device is correctly rooted by any free Root Checker from Google Play Store.

The program will begin working after your computer is restarted.

In 5-6 minutes information from the device will show up in your Hoverwatch account.

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